Ludza - senākā Latvijas pilsēta
Pirmdiena, 2020. gada 19. oktobris
Drosma, Drosmis, Elīna
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Real estate (land and building) Krāslavas street 1, Ludza

Investment offer from Ludza Municipility:

Real estate (land and building).
Cadastral Number 6801 003 0004,
Address – Krāslavas street 1, Ludza, Ludza Municipality,
Area – 8.9776 ha,

Communications –

  • new sewerage and water supply networks are built, electricity connection is available;
  • The real estate has a building with a total area of 8.9776 ha, which can be adapted to production needs.;
  • Asphalt driveway;

Real estate is suitable for industrial development;
It is very advantageous to find that RE is near of the main A12 road and railway lines.
EU funding is available for infrastructure development and for business development.
Ownership: Ludza municipality.